Science, Technology, and Public Policy

Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century


At every Federal agency, science and technology play a critical role in policy. This seminar examines social, economic and political drivers, and helps you anticipate and respond to challenges and make the best case for your programs to decision-makers.

Selected issues of national and international importance will be studied and institutions that include science and technology policy in the Executive Branch, Congress, special interest groups and the press will be studied. Participants will leave with a greater ability to understand, anticipate and respond to current and future challenges in the development and implementation of science and technology policy.

How will you benefit?

Understand administration initiatives and priorities in science and technology Explore the promises and challenges of new technologies to public policy in national security Learn how economic, political and social trends affect the future of science and technology Study the development, funding and implementation of science and technology policy in Federal agencies

Who should attend?

Managers and senior-level specialists whose programs or policies are related to science, engineering and technology High-performing mid-level specialists in the policy-related fields covered in the seminar
Note: Unless stated otherwise (under the date of the program) lodging and meals are included in the tuition. Lodging starts the first evening of the program and is provided the evening the program ends.


9 days

College credits

3 Hrs Upper Level Baccalaureate or 3 Hrs Graduate
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