Federal Regulatory Policy

Key Points of Decision, Access and Influence


As a leader in policy development, it's crucial that you understand regulatory policy reform, as well as issues that shape emerging rules so you can make responsible decisions on matters that will impact both citizens and other Federal employees. This seminar offers an in-depth look into Federal regulatory policymaking and various approaches to successful implementation.

You will examine the rulemaking process, regulatory analysis, cost-benefit tests and the Regulatory Planning and Review Executive Order (12866).  Current and former Executive Branch officials, business leaders and academics with expertise in regulatory development and review processes will lend their insight during the course, providing you a unique look at the intricacies of the Federal Regulatory process.

How will you benefit?

Learn the principles of good regulatory policy development Become familiar with interagency and White House regulatory review processes Examine the statutory and Executive Order requirements that apply to the rulemaking and review process Review the various approaches to successful regulatory reform Understand principles of regulatory and economic analysis Explore the roles of agencies, citizens, the private sector and politics in the regulatory development process

Who should attend?

Experienced managers, policy analysts and technical specialists or other senior program staff who are involved in regulatory policy development and decision-making. Those who are seeking a broad regulatory overview will also benefit from the course.
Note: Unless stated otherwise (under the date of the program) lodging and meals are included in the tuition. Lodging starts the evening before the program and is provided the evening the program ends.


5 days

College credits

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