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"Cyber-Breach: What Every Senior Executive Needs to Know
(and Do) When It Happens"

An FEI SES Enterprise Leadership Lab 


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This Lab was most recently offered in July 2019.

Why It's Hot

Cybersecurity is an enterprise-wide, executive imperative well beyond reliance on technical expertise.   It is a high-level issue on leadership agendas across all sectors, a critical business and social issue, and a serious economic and national security challenge.  The security of cyber assets is vital to public confidence in the nation’s critical infrastructures such as energy, transportation systems, communications, personal identifying information (PII), financial services and more.

Yet recurring high-profile incidents confirm cybersecurity breaches are the new normal in American government and business.  All Federal Senior Executives are potentially impacted by a cybersecurity breach.  The question is not whether your agency will be attacked, but how well your agency is prepared and how effectively your leadership team responds.

Senior management time and attention have been identified as critical drivers to effectively ameliorate risks to cybersecurity.  This SES Enterprise Leadership Lab focuses on improving Senior Executive preparedness through heightened attention, sharpened perception and diagnosis, and accelerated response time.  It ensures Senior Executive enterprise leaders are aware of and practiced in the dynamics involved within and among leadership teams as they address in real-time cyberbreach events, including the strategic, cultural, operational and technical dynamics, to name a few.

How You

This Lab will provide Federal Senior Executives with the opportunity to:

  • Develop awareness that cybersecurity is a product of organizational culture; it is everyone's business
  • Gain essential background information that every senior executive needs to know about cybersecurity with an enterprise leadership perspective
  • Experience first-hand the stress and pressures inherent in a cyber-breach and learn how to deal with the difficult strategic, cultural, and operational considerations that may emerge
  • Consider executive-level lessons learned from real cyber attacks in government and the private sector
  • Discuss action plans for creating and sustaining a cyber-secure culture in your own organization

An agenda and other information will be sent to registered participants a few days prior to the Lab.

Who Should

This government-wide SES Enterprise Leadership Lab is designed exclusively for Career SES, Senior Level (SL), Scientific or Professional (ST), and other Career SES equivalents.  This Lab is especially useful for senior Federal leaders who want to develop a deeper understanding of cybersecurity issues in government, including organization-wide responses to cybersecurity breaches.  The Lab is not a substitute for technical training in cybersecurity required for CIO personnel.


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