FHRI Curriculum Map as of 12/17/2019

Transforming human resources professionals

The Federal HR Institute (FHRI) is a key part of the government-wide initiative to grow the federal HR workforce’s capability. Human Resources is one of a handful of designated government-wide Mission Critical Occupations. The FHRI curriculum establishes a single, standardized framework that is the only comprehensive federal development program of its kind for federal HR practitioners. Learn more about our available courses.

Our program of study

FHRI delivers a comprehensive curriculum to ensure the federal HR workforce continuously improves so it is agile, strategic, and competent. The curriculum is based on new career mapping in each function for HR practitioners and fresh analyses of requisite competencies developed by a multi- agency cross-section of federal HR experts. Access the career map for the Staffing function.

Our team

We have incorporated OPM’s enterprise-wide capabilities. From policy, oversight, and compliance expertise, to extensive HR training skills and knowledge of HR processes, all of OPM is contributing to make FHRI’s curriculum dynamic and enriching. Our decades of experience developing federal leaders translate into immediate gains for our students. In addition, we are partnering with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council and its network of agency subject matter experts in the course development. Like the competency model and career map work, these partnerships bring in research, policy, and HR expertise from across the federal government, assuring an exceptional student experience.

How you benefit

As a federal HR practitioner, FHRI lets you take advantage of career maps, classes developed specifically for you. Attending FHRI gives you the ability to contribute at higher levels and enhances your options for career advancement in the federal government.

How your agency benefits

FHRI’s program will include all functional HR domains, from GS 5 to GS-15. Our training can lead to higher employee performance, which will improve your human capital management services and increase mission success.

Register now

Seventeen Staffing Specialist classes are currently open for registration and the remaining classes will be available by early 2018. In all, 22 Staffing Specialist courses are being developed. 

Available courses.

Looking to the future

Course design is now underway for the Classification and Employee Relations/Labor Relations career maps. Curricula in Performance, Benefits, Compensation, HR development, and HR systems will follow. FHRI will complete course development across all functions by the end of 2018. In addition, OPM and the CHCO Council are developing a credentialing strategy for FHRI, based on industry best practices. A certificate program is built into the current curriculum.


For more information

Call the FHRI Team at 202-418-4252 or send an email to FHRI@opm.gov.

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