Director and Faculty Bios

Suzanne Logan, Ed.D. 

Director of the Center for Leadership Development
Director of the Federal Executive Institute

Suzanne Logan

Dr. Suzanne Logan heads the U.S. government’s development program for senior leaders as the Director of the Center for Leadership Development and Federal Executive Institute. Before joining CLD/FEI, she served as the Chief Academic Officer for the Spaatz Center for Officer Education and the Chief Academic Officer, Air War College at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

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Stephen Whearty, M.B.A., M.A.

Acting Dean of the Federal Executive Institute

Stephen WheartySteve joined the faculty of FEI in February, 2015, and teaches a variety of content in the classroom, in the field, and online, including innovation, change management, emotional intelligence and communication skills. In addition to teaching and facilitating, Steve is accredited by the International Coach Federation as an executive coach for leaders and managers from across the Federal Government, and administers FEI’s coaching program for graduates of the Leadership for a Democratic Society course.  Full Biography

Allen, Ph.D.

Antoinette AllenDr. Antoinette Allen is a faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute where she teaches and designs leadership courses. Antoinette has nearly 25 years in public service which began in the United States Air Force. Prior to joining OPM, she served as a senior manager in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and as a military officer in the Virginia Air National Guard. Full Biography 

Michael F. Belcher, M.S., PMP

Michael BelcherMichael Belcher joined the FEI Faculty in May 2013 after 29-years of service in the public and private sectors. Capitalizing on his experiences as Marine Corps officer, corporate executive and adult educator, Michael will teach classic and modern leadership theory and techniques with a focus on applied leadership and ethics. Full Biography

Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Ph.D.

Marilyn BugenhagenDr. Marilyn Bugenhagen joined the faculty of the Federal Executive Institute in October 2015 after serving as an adjunct. During her 30-plus years in higher education, serving at both state and private universities, Marilyn has a blend of unique experiences working in academic affairs, student services, and auxiliary services. Marilyn brings a unique mix of leading, managing, and facilitating organizational change and fostering leader development to her work. Full Biography

Nita S. Catterton, M.A.

Nita Catterton

Nita Catterton is on the faculty of the Federal Executive Institute. She contributes a broad range of experience in design work, program development, training, coaching and facilitation. Her prior consulting practice included developing a variety of seminars, classes and long-term programs nationally for private industry, academic institutions, and governmental entities. Full Biography

Jane Forester-Hoare, M.Ed.

Jane ForesterJane Forester-Hoare joined the faculty of the Federal Executive Institute in the spring of 2017 after forty years of service in the public and private sectors. She has a balance of experience between academia and corporate environments. Jane has taught Human Resource Management, Organization Development, Developing Leadership Qualities, Business Research, and Conflict Management among other courses for colleges and universities. Full Biography

Cynthia Dewey

Heath E. Harding, Ph.D.

Heath HardingDr. Heath Harding joined the faculty of the Federal Executive Institute, US Office of Personnel Management in October 2015. His primary interests include leadership education and vertical leadership development. Dr. Harding is an experienced leader, educator, and coach. He has over 15 years of experience helping emerging and seasoned leaders develop their leadership skills. Full Biography

Karen Kimmel, Ph.D.

Karen KimmelDr. Karen Kimmel joined the faculty of the Federal Executive Institute in September of 2008, after teaching for five years as a civilian at the Leadership Development Center, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut. She has honed her leadership skills through careers in the military, higher-education, and the private sector. Full Biography

Donna F. Klepper, Ed.D.

Donna KlepperDr. Donna F. Klepper joined the faculty at the Federal Executive Institute as a part-time faculty member in March 2016. She worked as an adjunct faculty member at FEI for a number of years, facilitating teams in the Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program and since joining the faculty also works with the NOAA and USAID leadership programs. Donna is an experienced adult educator, training professional, practitioner, higher education and community leader, committed to and experienced in developing leaders, teams and organizations in the public sector. Full Biography

Maria Morukian

Maria Morukian

Maria Morukian joined the faculty at the Federal Executive Institute as a part-time faculty member in March 2016. Maria serves as a facilitator for FEI’s flagship program, Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS). She also provides coaching, instruction, and course design for FEI.

Maria has dedicated the last fourteen years to serving leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Full Biography

Kathleen O. Osvath

Kathy OsvathKathy Osvath joined the FEI faculty in 2015 and serves as the lead faculty for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency’s (NOAA) custom program called the Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP). This highly competitive 18-month program helps develop NOAA’s future leaders and typically serves a cohort of 32 executives. During the summer of 2016, Kathy worked closely with a team from NOAA to redesign the leadership development curriculum for the current LCDP X cohort. Full Biography

Thomas J. "Toby" Peters, Ph.D.

Toby PetersDr. Toby Peters joined FEI in 2017 after a 36-year career in higher education and private consulting. During his career in higher education at Marquette and Syracuse Universities he served the students and institution in the areas of administrative and student services, student affairs, academic affairs, and auxiliary services. Toby’s leadership background in administrative, consulting, and faculty roles provide him a unique blend of experiences that he enjoys bringing to and sharing in a learning environment. Full Biography

Janet E. Postier, Ph.D.

Janet Postier

Dr. Janet Postier joined the faculty of the Federal Executive Institute in 2017 after serving as an adjunct for the USAID Advanced Leader Program since 2015. Dr. Postier brings over 15 years of experience in private and public education as an educator and consultant. Her primary professional interest is to develop leaders as complex thinkers to effectively lead within diverse contexts, both domestically and abroad. Dr. Postier’s field of expertise is intercultural leadership. Full Biography

Michael Rawlings

Christine H. Shafer, Ph.D. CAE

Christine ShaeferDr. Christine H. Shaefer, CAE brings a diverse background to her facilitation of dynamic learning experiences. She blends a doctorate in Leadership Studies from Marian University with 25 years of employment in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. She sees life through a strengths-based frame and urges individuals and organizations to accentuate the positive! Full Biography

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