Leadership for a Democratic Society

Join the Elite Cadre

Join your colleagues from across the government and across the globe in the Leadership for a Democratic Society Program (LDS). Learn strategic leadership alongside high-performing, high-potential US and international public service executives: Federal, state and local government officials (GS-15, Senior Executive Service members or their equivalent). Responding to the Administration's call to "learn from the private sector," LDS recently opened its doors to executives from the corporate, education and non-profit sectors as well.

Developed exclusively by and for Federal executives, LDS offers an unmatched inter-governmental learning experience, designed to prepare senior-level leaders for the complex challenges of the 21st Century. Through expert instruction and experiential learning, the program transforms individuals who can, in turn, transform their organizations. The program's benefits most frequently cited by LDS alumni include:

  • Increased self-awareness as an individual, team member and leader
  • Enhanced leadership and management skills, especially in the areas of team-building, strategic thinking, influencing/negotiating, political savvy and external awareness
  • Expanded professional networks, enabling improved inter-organizational collaboration and problem-solving
  • Broadened understanding of the US Constitution as the foundation for Federal public service
  • Improved ability to leverage the diverse talents of the Federal workforce
  • Increased resiliency, mental and physical wellness, and work-life balance

Leveraging the expertise and experience of each executive, LDS is a learning community where the participants and faculty are both teachers and learners. Anchored in contemporary leadership theory, the core curriculum is aligned with OPM's Executive Core Qualifications. Through the selection of venues and topics, the executives tailor their learning experience to meet their unique needs and interests. Each executive also completes two action learning projects, producing plans to transform themselves and their organizations.

Return on Investment for Executives and their Agencies

  • Executives return to their organizations with increased capabilities, confidence and commitment, ready to take on the most daunting challenges
  • LDS preparation reduces the time spent on the learning curve for those entering SES; they can "hit the ground running"
  • LDS prepares Executives for the challenges and provides the tools for success on the job, which aids in retention and saves turnover events
  • An LDS executive's network saves time and money in solving Agency problems
  • Each LDS executive's two action learning projects contribute to solving current problems in the workplace
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