Participant testimonials

Week One Comments

“I was amazed at how well our team bonded and how quickly we have formed strong relationships. Now the key is to apply these skills back at the office and home.” 

“LDT time helped our team gel into the group that we are today. I expect that we as a group have yet to realize the true benefits of week one of FEI. The presentation materials, teaching approach and content met my needs and generated a high-performing learning environment that exceeded my expectations and personal experience.”

What about this class was most useful to you?

“The experiential learning opportunities. In particular, the team-building in week 1, including the dynamics of team forming, storming, norming and performing was outstanding real-world simulation of work team-building. Opportunity for reflection and working on me in a safe, facilitative environment. The relationships I formed during the experience.” 

Please provide examples on how this program reinforced your commitment to public service:

“Our role as leaders, models and motivators to serving the people and the Constitution. Reinforcement that the Constitution of the United States was designed to grow with our nation and that I, as a federal employee, have an integral role in defending and executing the contracts of the Constitution. I have a renewed sense of pride in my service to the United States Government. The interaction that I experienced with other US govt. executives and the strong program focus on Constitutional values and Leadership inspired me to a renewed commitment.” 

“There is no question in my mind that I am forever changed as a result of the 4 weeks I spent at FEI. To learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the men that wrote the constitution, to understand they were highly educated and motivated mortals that made mistakes was a new perspective for me. I was personally and professionally dedicated and motivated before I came to FEI. I left FEI even more dedicated and motivated, and armed with tools, techniques, and ideas about how to be the best I can be and I am EXCITED about this.” 

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