Custom programs participant testimonials

"James Madison course reinforced the role of the public servant, our role with respect to the Constitution; was very insightful!” NOAA Leadership Competencies Development Program - Apr 2011

“I greatly appreciate having respected educators look me in the eye and tell me they appreciate my service. This can be a thankless job sometimes and that really helps.” NOAA Leadership Competencies Development Program - Apr 2011

“The review of the constitution and the Oath were a good reaffirmation experience of why we do what we do for America's Veterans.     The excursions to Montpelier and to Monticello reinforced how the constitution was drafted. The constitution remains a living document.” DVA Nurse Executive Leadership Program - Apr 2011    

“The exercises served as a timely reminder that we're a part of a great team. Our collective talents allow the team to achieve far     more than I could alone. We're supporting something far greater than ourselves.” Army Contracting Command - Sep 2011

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