Federal HR Institute

FHRI is a comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure the federal HR workforce continuously improves; and is agile, strategic, and competent. Our curriculum establishes a single, standardized, federal HR framework, and teaches this framework to federal HR practitioners. FHRI meets the unique needs of the federal human resources community, and is the only comprehensive development program of its kind.

HR Staffing Specialist Journey Map; Left Side; Strategic Ability; Right Side: Advisor Ability; Top: Leadership/Management Ability; Bottom: Technical Ability: Row 1: Leader: OPM Supervisor Training; OPM Emerging Leader Training; OPM Senior Leader Training; OPM Senior Executive Training; Row 2: Strategic SS310 Strategic Workforce Planning; SS320 Advanced Strategic Staff Acquisition and Recruiting; SS330 Evaluating Staffing Programs; Row 3: Advisor: 33210 Introduction to Guiding Recruitment and Selection Activities; SS212 Engaging Others for Effective Staffing; SS220Guiding Recruitment and Selection Activities-Workshop; SS230 Workforce Planning Basics; SS231 Strategic Recruiting; SS232 Staffing Specialst Practicum; Row 4: SS110 Staffing for Org. Impact; SS112 Processing Personnel Actions; Delegating Examining Certification (for those Specialists seeking Certification in DE only); SS120 Introduction to Staff Acquisition Activities in the Merit Promotion Process; SS122 Introduction to Selection Activities in the Merit Promotion Process; SS130 Staff Acquisition in the Merit Promotion Process Workshop; SS132 Selection in the Merit Promotion Process-Workshop; Foundations:  Apprentice (PL 1 and 2): HR002 Introduction to HR Management; HR004 Foundations of Service Excellence for HR Professionals-Staffing; Practitioner (PL 3 and 4) HR006 Effective Writing for HR Professionals-Staffing; SS002 Introduction to Staffing Laws and Regulations; Expert (PL5) SS004 The Federal Hiring Process for Staffing Specialists; SS006 Staffing Programs for Specialist Populations;

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