Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual HR Conference April 15-26, 2015-OPM.GOV/VIRTUALCONF


Who should attend the virtual conference? Any federal HR Specialist, federal manager, or federal employee can attend. 

Are there specific HR specialties within the 200 series that the conference is targeted to? No, it will cover a broad range of human resources and human capital management topics. 

I am not an HR specialist but I am a federal employee and I would like to attend. Can I pay and attend? Yes, if your agency approves it we will accept your registration. 

I am a support contractor, not a federal employee; can I attend the HR Virtual 2015 Conference? Yes, as long as you have a .mil or .gov email address. 

I am a college student, and I am very interested in a career as a federal HR specialist. Can I pay and attend the conference? No, the conference is intended for current federal employees with a .mil or .gov email address. 

Do you offer a student discount off the $95 price? No, we do not offer discounts for this conference. 

What time is the conference? April 15 - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM eastern standard time (EST), and April 16 - 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST 

Can you confirm that time for the HR Virtual 2015 Conference is East Coast time zone? Yes 

Where is the latest HR Virtual 2015 Conference schedule showing the presentations? The detailed agenda can be viewed from this link:

When will the agenda be posted?  The detailed agenda can be viewed from this link:

I am not available on one or both days of the conference, what are my options? We encourage you to attend as much of the conference as possible.  It won’t be a problem is you miss some sessions, because each registrant will have access to the entire conference and recorded sessions for a year following the event.  

There are three presentations that I am very interested in attending that all are scheduled at the very same time; will any of the presentations be repeated? If you miss a session you will have the opportunity to view it later.  Each registrant will have access to the entire conference and recorded sessions for a year following the event.  

Can a group of us at our agency pay for one registration and all participate together in from a conference room? Each participant should register to have the best experience of participating in the conference.  Individual participants can choose which sessions to attend based on their learning needs.  Each registrant will also have access to the entire conference and recorded sessions for a year following the event.  

If I can’t attend, can I cancel once I’ve registered and paid?  The registration fee is not refundable, but substitutions will be allowed up to April 10, 2015.  

Do I have to participate from my office or can I attend the HR Virtual 2015 Conference from home if my agency approves?  Individuals should discuss the location of their participation with their supervisors. 

Is there a description of the conference showing who should attend that I can forward to my supervisor with my request to attend to obtain approval? 

What are the payment options to register and pay for the HR Virtual 2015 Conference?  For more information, contact the Registration Office at 202-606-0008 or by email at

I have a team of HR specialists that I would like to attend. Can I register and pay for a dozen participants? Yes, you can register as many participants as you want. 

Is there a discount if I pay for a group of participants at once? No, there are no group discounts for this conference. 

I have some questions and would like to discuss them with the HR Virtual 2015 Conference team.  Is there an email or phone number I can call? Send questions to or  contact the Registration Office at 202-606-0008 or by email at

Is the conference 508 compliant?  We are working closely with our technology partners to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for all our virtual attendees. As part of this experience, each session will be recorded and closed captioning will be made available.     

After the conference, when will the sessions be available on-demand?  We expect all conference sessions will be available within 2 weeks after the conference.   

Do I need a web cam? No, you do not need a web cam to participate in the conference. 

Do I need anything special to participate in the HR Virtual 2015 Conference?   What are the technology requirements for accessing the conference using a personal computer? Each participant will access the conference through his or her computer.  It’s important to test your connections and computer settings in advance and work with your IT unit to resolve any problems before conference date.   

Here’s how to test your computer settings: 

System Check: 

To ensure your device will have full access to all presentations, features and information offered in the Virtual Environment, we advise all participants to do a quick System Check upon receiving this notice. The System Check is quick and easy, simply click the link  and click the System Check button on the right side of your screen. You do not need to log in to run 
the Check. 

 System Check Screen showing settings for running Adobe Connect

When the System Check is complete, a box like the one shown here will appear with your system’s results. Any item with a red X will need to be addressed in order for the Virtual Environment to run properly on your computer.  Move your curser over any yellow (!) items to determine the problem and corrective action required.  After you have addressed the issue, simply run the System Check again; if your System Check results in all green checks, you are ready for the conference and no further action is needed. 

Note: the Download CSV button will give you a printable version of the Results box. It does not contain any additional information. 

This check verifies that your computer is ready for the Virtual Conference. If you encounter any issues please contact our support staff at or click the link on the footer of the login page that says "Support" to reach our support staff. 

Test Settings for Using Adobe Connect: 

Adobe Connect provides an online Connection Test for troubleshooting connection problems with your Adobe Connect Meeting. This utility tests the four key components for a successful meeting experience: 

  • Flash Player version 
  • Network connectivity to the Adobe Connect Server 
  • Available bandwidth 
  • Acrobat Connect Meeting Add-in version 

You can access the test at the following URL:


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